EPS Geo Foam

EPS Geo Foam


EPS Geofoam, characterized by its lightweight cellular plastic foam structure, finds diverse applications in geotechnical projects. Its primary function as a lightweight fill for construction on soft ground is complemented by its unique ability to enhance stability in slopes and alleviate lateral stress on structures.

Advantages Driving Efficiency in Construction

Cost-Effective Solutions:

The inherent lightweight nature of EPS Geofoam Blocks translates to cost-effectiveness, eliminating the need for resource-intensive preloading, surcharging, or staged construction. This not only leads to substantial savings but also reduces reliance on heavy earth-moving and compact equipment.

Dependable Construction:

Manufactured in a modern facility equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, FMI-EPS Geofoam Blocks ensure consistent physical properties in every block. This reliability minimizes risks associated with non-uniform load transfer, differential settlement, leachates, and fire hazards.


FMI-EPS Geofoam Blocks exhibit remarkable compressive strength, rendering them durable and resistant to damage or shifting over time.

Environmentally Safe:

Comprising no CFC's, HFC's, HCFC's, dyes, or formaldehydes, FMI-EPS Geofoam Blocks align with environmental safety standards. The inert and stable nature of EPS prevents decay, decomposition, and the release of undesirable gases or leachates, ensuring recyclability and compatibility with waste-to-energy (WTE) systems and landfills.

Insect & Mold Resistance:

FMI-EPS Geofoam Blocks can integrate an inert additive, deterring termites and carpenter ants. The inert nature of EPS prevents the sustenance of mold or mildew growth.

Low Density / High Strength:

With a density ranging from 1 to 2.8 lb/ft3, FMI-EPS Geofoam outshines as an ultra-lightweight fill system. This characteristic significantly reduces stress on underlying subgrades, minimizing settlement and enhancing stability.

Low Interface Friction:

Direct shear tests reveal that the interface friction between sand and FMI-EPS Geofoam mirrors the internal friction of sand alone.

Maximized Installation Efficiency:

FMI-EPS Geofoam Blocks arrive on-site as scheduled, ready for installation without weather-related delays. This feature ensures adherence to project timelines.

Low Maintenance:

Under normal conditions, projects utilizing FMI-EPS Geofoam Blocks demand no maintenance throughout the life of the fill system.

Thermal Insulation:

Comprising 98-99% air by volume, FMI-EPS Geofoam Blocks function as highly efficient thermal insulators.

In summary, FMI-EPS Geofoam Blocks encapsulate a spectrum of advantages, from cost-effectiveness to environmental safety. Their durability, resistance to insects and mold, low density, and high strength position them as a reliable solution across various construction applications. With a proven track record and consistent performance, FMI-EPS Geofoam Blocks emerge as a cornerstone in modern construction projects, driving efficiency and reliability.


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