Platon Dimple Board Waterproofing

Platon Dimple Board Waterproofing

Platon serves as a waterproofing membrane that synergizes with our Form-A-Drain® system to maintain warmth and dryness in basements.

Featuring a distinctive double-dimpled design, Platon effectively separates water from the foundation wall and bridges foundation cracks permanently, thwarting the infiltration of moisture into the home's basement. Compatible with various foundation types, including block, poured concrete walls, and insulated concrete forms, Platon boasts a robust high-density polyethylene [HDPE] membrane. This membrane creates an air gap, allowing air circulation and facilitating moisture drainage while keeping wet soil and foundation walls apart.

Platon eliminates the necessity for additional waterproofing treatments and can be installed under diverse weather conditions, without requiring specialized crews or equipment. The straightforward installation is maintained by Speedclip and Speedstrip fasteners.

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