ICF Ledger Bracket

ICF Ledger Bracket

We use the ICFVL Ledger Connector System—meticulously designed to surmount the complexities of affixing wood or steel ledgers to insulated concrete form (ICF) walls, accommodating thicknesses of up to 4 1/2" while strictly adhering to designer specifications.

The ICFVL6 is tailored for a maximum ICF wall thickness of 3 1/4", while the ICFVL8 accommodates up to 4 1/2". Designed for exceptional vertical and lateral in-plane performance, our system surpasses traditional anchor bolting methods with advantages such as improved on-center spacing, expedited installation, and a seamless, protrusion-free finish.

The ICFVL features embedded legs (ICFVL6 = 6", ICFVL8 = 8"), strategically embossed for added stiffness. The strategically placed hole facilitates the flow of concrete through and around the connector. The exposed flange on the ICF's face serves as a robust surface for mounting a wood ledger. Please note that for wood ledger applications, the ICFVL-W or ICFVL-CW is required, available for purchase separately.

Key Features

  • Versatility Two size options available to accommodate ICF wall forms up to 4 1/2" thick.
  • Enhanced Stability Embossments on embedded legs provide additional stiffness for increased stability.
  • Efficient Installation Two diamond-shaped holes in the center enable easy screw installation, securing the connector during concrete pour and ensuring precise alignment during installation (center screws to be removed before ledger installation).

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