Form-A-Drain Plus is your comprehensive 3-in-1 foundation solution. This innovative system not only serves as a footing form but also integrates a drainage system seamlessly and allows for easy adaptation to vent radon as needed.

Specifically designed for basement applications, Form-A-Drain Plus comprises lineal sections that serve as foundation footing forms. Unlike conventional wood forms, the Form-A-Drain Plus lineals remain in place permanently following the concrete pour. The unique feature of forming a complete sub-slab perimeter loop around the foundation enables Form-A-Drain Plus to double as both a foundation drainage system and a radon collection solution.

Beyond its multifunctional capabilities, the permanence of Form-A-Drain Plus offers a time-saving advantage. With no requirement for a crew to return the next day for removal, stripping, cleaning, and transport of forms to the next jobsite, Form-A-Drain Plus streamlines the construction schedule, making it an efficient choice for your foundation needs.

Permanent and Precision-Fit Footing Forms

Experience the next level of foundation construction with Form-A-Drain Plus—engineered to be installed before basement construction commences. Comprising lineal sections that seamlessly serve as foundation footing forms, Form-A-Drain Plus transforms conventional wood forms with its unique permanence. Unlike standard forms, Form-A-Drain Plus lineals stay in place permanently post-concrete pour, forming a comprehensive sub-slab perimeter loop around the foundation.

The permanence of Form-A-Drain Plus translates into significant time savings in the construction schedule. Eliminating the need for a crew to return the next day for removal, stripping, cleaning, and transport to the next job site, Form-A-Drain Plus streamlines the construction process.

Integrated Drainage System

Form-A-Drain Plus revolutionizes the setup of footing forms by seamlessly incorporating an integrated drainage system. No longer is it necessary to purchase and install a separate drain pipe. This system proves to be an exceptional alternative to perforated pipes, boasting superior drainage performance with a greater water intake capacity. Its robust construction ensures a high-quality installation.

Each lineal section features one slotted wall, facilitating water collection at the footing. The collected water then navigates through the hollow core of the Form-A-Drain Plus system to the drainage outlet, ensuring safe discharge away from the home or into the sump pit. Placed strategically at the top and on both sides of the footing, the foundation system provides drainage on both the exterior and interior sides of the foundation.

Radon Reduction

The enduring presence of Form-A-Drain Plus post-footing pour makes it an ideal component of a radon reduction system. A simple addition of a single outlet to one of the inner Form-A-Drain Plus lineals, connected to a dedicated vent pipe as detailed in the Form-A-Drain installation guide, ensures effective radon reduction.

Form-A-Drain Plus delivers revolutionary benefits, making it a preferred choice for builders and an essential feature homeowners shouldn't go without.

Advanced Waterproofing with Platon

Platon is an exceptional waterproofing membrane designed to seamlessly complement our Form-A-Drain® system, ensuring basements remain warm and dry.

Platon's distinctive double-dimpled design serves as a formidable barrier, effectively separating water from the foundation wall. Its innovative construction not only bridges foundation cracks permanently but also safeguards homes by preventing moisture from infiltrating the basement. Compatible with various foundation types, including block, poured concrete walls, and insulated concrete forms, Platon's versatility makes it a reliable choice for comprehensive waterproofing.

Crafted from durable, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), Platon establishes an impermeable barrier that keeps wet soil and foundation walls at a distance. The incorporation of an air gap facilitates airflow and moisture drainage, contributing to a consistently dry environment.

One of Platon's notable advantages lies in its self-sufficiency—there's no need for additional waterproofing treatments. Furthermore, Platon's installation is a hassle-free process that can be undertaken under any weather condition, without requiring a specialized crew or equipment. The inclusion of Speedclip and Speedstrip fasteners ensures a straightforward installation, simplifying the process for enhanced convenience.

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