FastFoot Foundations

FastFoot Foundations

Crafted from high-density polyethylene fabric, Fastfoot® serves as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional lumber and plywood for concrete footing forms. A single 100-foot roll of Fastfoot® produces the equivalent concrete output as 1,500 pounds of lumber.

Now available in three colors, Fastfoot® features printed footing width lines and QR codes for convenient onsite reference to the installation guide. Recognized as the Contractors' Choice product of the year in 2010 and 2012, Fastfoot® is ideal for both residential and commercial strip footings and pad edging.

Cost-Effective Alternative

Fastfoot® offers a more economical solution compared to dimensional lumber for concrete footing forms.

Concrete Damage Prevention

As a closed form, Fastfoot® eliminates concrete damage to screed boards and stakes, allowing for the indefinite reuse of 2x4s and stakes.

Adaptable to Uneven Terrain and Rock

Colored width lines enable Fastfoot® to accommodate uneven excavations by being easily adjusted in or out, eliminating the need for scabbing lumber on footing sides or extensive ground shoveling.

Ideal for Stepped Footings

Fastfoot® readily conforms to the irregular contours of your terrain, eliminating the need for wasteful plywood in forming stepped footings.

Suitable for Deep Footings

Capable of forming footings up to 4 feet deep, Fastfoot® is well-suited for deep footings and commercial pads, eliminating the need for heavy and expensive plywood, as well as the subsequent recycling costs.

Moisture and Contamination Prevention

Fastfoot® serves as a damp-proof membrane, preventing ground moisture from wicking into the footing concrete, ensuring a drier and healthier indoor environment. The closed form also prevents cement fines from entering the water table, contributing to stronger and uncontaminated concrete.

Enhanced Concrete Strength

By preventing contamination from mud and water, Fastfoot® contributes to the strength of the footing concrete. In summer, it prevents rapid evaporation, ensuring sufficient moisture for proper cement particle hydration.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Fastfoot® is LEED® contributing and GreenSpec® listed, aligning with sustainable and green construction practices.

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